Monday, October 11, 2010

Black rose cut diamonds!!

Here are some photos of all the black rose cut diamonds I have in stock!! Along with carat weight, mm, and price for them to be made into a 14k gold ring!!

1.     6.17x5.57x4.38 (1.46 carat) oval cushion  $525
2.     7.05x6.04x2.6 (.91 carat) oval cushion  $480
3.     6.15x3.39 (1.2 carat) round  $500
4.     6.29x5.51x2.15 (1.51 carat) square $515
5.     7.91x5.29x4.37 (1.68 carat) pear $575
6.     7.15x7.52x3.63 (1.79 carat) pear $585
7.     SOLD
8.     8.7x6.6x2.62 (1.52 carat) oval $570


  1. Oh my God! Those stones are gorgeous. They will certainly make some beautiful jewelry.

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